Grand United Hat-Trick Challenge

Grand United Hat-Trick Challenge

Grand Hat-Trick Challenge

Here are what you get from winning this challenge:
  • Win a Grand United T-Shirt that will be sent to your address (wherever in the world you may be!) one week after you successfully finish this challenge
  • Earn a 12%/night discount stay + free airport pick-up + wine bottle gift for your next stay (not all the following stays, but only ONE next stay) for a maximum of 5 nights in any of our branches [This discount is transferable to your other friends, colleagues and communities.]
  • The reservation for the above discounted stay will need to be made through email to
  • You can also have your name, picture and your experiences at our hotel posted on our website as one of the winners.
Here are what you will need to do to earn it:
  • Stay at all of our three branches spread across a maximum of 45 days.
  • Must spend a minimum of 10 nights combined in all our three branches.
  • The guest must share their experiences at all our three hotels on Tripadvisor.
  • Reservations can be made in any way, whether through online agents, local agents, email, phone or any method
  • The name registered in all three hotels must be the same and the vouchers must be sent to The guest may send the voucher number, instead. If the guest booked through an online agent, please provide the Booking ID#.
  • Upon receiving the guest's email and checking through the vouchers to see if the guest has met all the requirements, the hotel's sales team will reply within three days of whether the guest has succeeded the Grand United Hat-Trick Challenge.
  • The guest must send an email with all the evidences of the stay within 14 days of the guest's stay at the last hotel.
Here are why you should do it:
  • Experience Grand United Hospitality to the finest degrees
  • Win the above prize, gifts and discounts in future stay

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