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Grand United Conference Centre
Shwedagon Meeting Suite

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Shwedagon Meeting Suite accommodates around 15-20 participants and is around 60 sqm. It is used for executive meetings, mini press conferences, group presentations, company interviews and other events requiring not much space.

Grand United Conference Centre located on Level 2 accommodates around 200 participants and is around 195 sqm. It is used for public speeches, large meetings, classroom style events, engagements, press conferences, reunion dinners, marketing campaigns and many more customized-to-your-need events.

For the Conference Centre events, we provide simple backdrop (must ask 10 days in advance), sound system, podium, stage and flowers. Small whiteboards are also provided upon request.

For both meeting facilities, complimentary water bottles, pencils, pens, notepads and welcome tea are provided.

We also provide tea breaks, lunch buffets and dinner buffets for these events. For such arrangements and rates for renting the facilities, please kindly contact

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